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Eat Better to See Better

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A decline in vision is often associated with getting older, in fact it?s become an expected ?side effect? of the aging process, but a recent study may change that.?? Researchers have found that you may be able to ward off the effects of age related macular degeneration and be able see better for longer with the right diet.

The extensive, long term study analyzed the data of 4000+ men and women between the ages of 55-80 to determine the possibility of a dietary effect on age related macular degeneration and other vision impairing diseases.

The study, which was published in late 2009 in ?Ophthalmology,? concluded that subjects who consumed carbohydrates with a low glycemic index in combination with certain nutrients seemed to be more protected from the diseases that caused vision loss.?Among the ?protective nutrients? as they were referred to in the study include vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

As an added bonus to the potential benefit of keeping your vision where it?s at, changing to a low GI diet can help you to lose excess weight, reduce the possibility of heart disease, reduce the possibility of or help to manage diabetes and give you more energy throughout the course of the day.

A decline in vision could result in you having to give up many of your favorite activities and freedoms.? Sufficient vision loss could result in the need for additional care at home or even cause you to have to move into a facility before you are ready to do so.? Changing to a low GI diet has many health benefits, including the possibility of warding off AMD and keeping you independent for longer.?? Consult your physician and home health aid for assistance in safely and effectively switching to a low GI diet and adding the ?protective nutrients? into your current cycle of medication and nutritional supplements.

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