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Diabetes Rates Soar Leaving More Americans Requiring Specialized Care

According to the latest available statistics the diabetes rates among adults have more than doubled over the course of the last three decades. Experts attribute the increase to factors like obesity and increases in the average age of the population. The debilitating diseases rates among American citizens are ?the highest of any country in the world. This means that a large cross section of the US population already requires or will require specialized care in order to cope with the disease.

Diabetes is a debilitating disease that can cause any number of unfavorable health conditions. The disease can negatively affect the heart, kidneys, circulation and even lead to problems with vision and hearing. Seniors who are seriously affected by type 2 diabetes may be unable to adequately perform any number of regular daily tasks like shopping, meal preparation, laundry or personal care duties.

In order for seniors who are coping with diseases to have as good a quality of life as possible there could be a need for specialized in home senior care. Having the appropriate health care professionals providing the most appropriate aid can make living with diabetes much easier and ultimately improve a patient?s quality of life. Specialty Care Services has certified nursing assistants who have experience providing aid for seniors suffering from diabetes and who can deliver the best possible assistance on a live in or hourly basis.

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