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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

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A new study conducted by researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital looked at diabetic patients to determine a possible connection between the disease and hearing loss. They divided the diabetic patients of the research study into two groups – those with well controlled diabetes and those with poorly managed diabetes. The patients in the study were also separated according to age.

The group of seniors that had their diabetes well controlled, particularly the females, was found to have less incidence of hearing loss. Poorly controlled diabetes seemed to be more influential on the hearing loss of older women involved in the study.

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease, especially when poorly controlled. Hearing loss is not the only problem it can cause. The damaged blood vessels can influence sight and effect circulation. Problems with circulation can ultimately lead to dying tissue in the extremities. The diabetic must be aware of this and be sure to carefully administer their medications and insulin injections in order to keep the disease under control.

Those who offer in home assistance to diabetics should consider enlisting the help of a home health aide for medication management. An experienced home health aide can set the most appropriate schedule for taking necessary medications to help keep diabetes and other potentially dangerous conditions under control.

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