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Diabetes and Bone Fractures

A new study has revealed that health care providers may need to look beyond the scores of bone mineral density tests in order to truly predict the danger of fracture in older patients with diabetes. The study shows that older patients who suffer from this debilitating diseases are more likely to suffer fractures than patients without.

Researchers analyzed the medical data from more than 18,000 patients, nearly 2000 of who suffered from type 2 diabetes, for an average follow up period of around twelve years. Based upon their findings researchers were able to conclude

that diabetes sufferers were more likely to suffer bone fractures than non-diabetes subjects even when bone mineral density scores were the same.,

Though the reason for the increase in fracture risk is not completely evident experts and health care providers feel as though diabetes medication could be playing a role. There have been studies in the past that have linked some ?treatments with an increase in fracture hazard. Researchers don?t feel as though the increase in fracture risk can be completely explained by the use of ?medication though.

Further studies will need to be performed in order to find a more definitive link between diabetes and increased fracture risk in older people. In the meantime doctors and health care providers may have to put more focus on courses of treatment that could reduce the risk of fractures in patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

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