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Depression Therapy Can be Successfully Delivered Over the Phone

The American Medical Association has reported on a clinical trial that looked at the effect of psychotherapy over the phone for patients suffering from depression. Researchers attest that patients suffering from depression prefer clinical intervention over medication but that some patients, due to accessibility, are prevented from receiving face to face therapy. To alleviate this problem therapy conducted over the phone has been tried and there have been some good results.

The group receiving therapy over the phone actually was more apt to continue with treatment than those who attended in person. The group also showed continued improvement and less depression after six months post treatment.

Seniors can be affected by depression more so than other demographic populations. Physical ailments associated with being older and loss of>family and friends can contribute to feelings of depression. Greater availability of therapy by phone use may be a great alternative for the seniors that can?t travel to the therapist?s office.

The person helping a senior with depression can take advantage of a program like this. We here at Specialty Care Services can also provide a home health aide that can go to the office with a senior or be there at the home to make sure the lines of communication are open.

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