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Depression Among Elderly Females

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Depression affects older folks in a different way compared to younger adults. This condition frequently happens with other medical conditions and lasts longer. Dejection among the elderly often increases the threat of cardiac disorders. It can even reduce the senior citizen?s capability to recover. That is why even mild depression among old individuals should be diagnosed accordingly and treated right away.

Depression is more common among older women. Medical practitioners maintain that chances of female depression may be associated with transformation

in hormone levels that happen during a woman’s existence. Such changes are apparent during stages of teenage years, pregnancy, after giving birth, miscarriage, and menopause.

Some factors that enhance the possibility of hopelessness in women consist of reproductive, hereditary, biological, interpersonal, and psychological attributes. Besides, working women who have to raise children as well as single parents suffer more from stress that can initiate signs of depression. Other reasons that increase the hazards of this disorder are family history of mood syndrome; loss of parents at an early age; shortfall of social support systems; continuing psychological and social strains; and use, of particular medicines.

Likewise, women can be affected by depression after childbirth. Depression in women may take place at an early stage. It can last longer and happen again depending on traumatic happenings in life. Women are also more prone to be subjected to remorseful feelings and attempt suicide although a greater number of males kill themselves.

There are symptoms indicating that senior females may be suffering from this malady. One is bad temper. Another is loss of self-interest such as lack of dignity in personal appearance. Women, who stop using cosmetics or wearing beautiful dresses, show a possible problem leading to depression. Withdrawal from social activities is also a sign of this disorder. It is possible that 50 percent of despondent seniors will sooner or later recover without medical help or intervention. The other half will surely need professional assistance.

According to studies, elderly citizens with a massive support network will most likely endure this condition compared to those who lack support. Of course, there are prescription medications and customized treatment such as theories. However, patients have to consult specialists before availing of these remedies. Fortunately, there are Professional Home Care Nurses and Caregivers who can help old folks deal with such issues. Trained caregivers and nursing specialists from Specialty Care Services can help ease depression as well as anxiety. Call us for now for more information.


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