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Decreasing the Risk of Lung Cancer Through Diet and Exercise

A recent study conducted in the Czech Republic consisting of interviews with more than twenty five hundred women can possibly be used to shed some light on the connection between diet and cancer.? Interviewers from the Faculty Hospital Bulovka gathered dietary and lifestyle information from more than 500 lung cancer patients and nearly two thousand women without the disease and came to some very interesting conclusions.

According to researchers, consuming dairy products, certain fruits and vegetables and drinking wine may reduce the risk in female smokers for lung cancer.? Those dietary additions didn?t seem to have the same positive effects in non-smoking women, but consumption of black tea did seem to provide protection in non-smokers.? Though these initial findings will certainly have to be backed by more in depth research, the study does give hope that lifestyle alterations can reduce the risk for the most common type of cancer in the US.

Making positive changes to your diet and increasing your activity levels can lead to a number of positive changes in your life.? Following health care provider advice on foods to avoid and nutritional supplements to take can help you to look and feel better and possibly reduce your risk for a number of serious conditions.? If you want to take the steps necessary to start living a healthier life, consult your health care provider about starting a new exercise program and adopting a healthier eating plan.

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