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Decrease Your Chances for Depression by Dropping Extra Pounds

A survey consisting of more that a quarter of a million interviews has revealed a possible link between being overweight and being depressed.? The information collected shows than more than 23% of obese adults have been diagnosed with depression.? The percentage of depression for adults of a healthy weight is much lower, at less than fifteen percent.

The extensive survey shows that obese people are also more prone to feelings of stress, anger, sadness and worry than people who are a healthy weight.

Depression and increased levels of stress can make it difficult for individuals to function and perform properly in social or professional situations.? Couple those facts with the many known health risks and dangers associated with obesity and the result could be a diminished quality of life.

The best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are with attention to your diet and participation in a regular exercise program.?? Remember to discuss safe and effective options with your doctor or home nurse prior to beginning any new exercise program.? Jumping right into a program without any professional guidance may result in an injury that could hamper your weight loss efforts.

Change in your diet could be exactly what the doctor ordered to get you to a healthy weight, but there are plenty of diets and supplements out there that may be unsafe.? Before you make any changes to your diet or additions of dietary supplements make sure you go over them in detail with your doctor or health aide.

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