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Decline in Cognitive Ability May Begin Sooner than Thought

A study reported in the British Medical Journal shows cognitive decline in groups beginning at the age of 45. The cognitive decline for those over sixty-five was more pronounced but the 45 to 49 age group, the youngest tested,? showed a 3.6 %? drop in reasoning scores over a ten year period. Researchers feel the findings are important because therapies for cognitive problems tend to be more effective when started as early as possible.

Improving cognitive function is a good goal for any age. The National Institute of Health has been encouraging seniors to get more exercise to increase blood flow to the brain to combat the onset of cognitive problems.? Many doctors already advise a stricter diet more exercise for patients of all ages to prevent obesity related conditions.? This course of action may soon be suggested to all patients over 40 in order to ward off cognitive issues as well.

Hiring a home health aide is a great way to help keep the mildly impaired senior independent and living comfortably at home. Family members providing care to a senior can have these well trained individuals provide medicine management, grocery shopping services and help with other day to day activities. This assistance can provide stress relief for the family members responsible for care while ensuring the senior receives everything they need to maintain good health.

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