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Deaths from Heart Disease are Down but Risk Remains High

New and improved methods of treatment and higher quality care have resulted in a major decline in deaths from heart disease and stroke over the course of the last decade.? This means that more patients are getting the type of care that they need in a timely enough manner to continue living longer, but even with the sizeable decrease, heart disease remains the number one killer in the US.

Between 1997 and 2007 deaths from heart disease decreased by more than 25%, which makes it look as though we are making tremendous headway in the fight against the number one killer of US adults.? It?s important to note though that during the same time period the number of cardiovascular surgeries performed increased by an almost identical percentage.? This means that, though we may be winning the battle of keeping people alive, we are far from winning the war on cardiovascular disease.

There are a number of lifestyle characteristics which can increase a person?s chances of getting heart disease.? A poor diet, smoking cigarettes, lack of physical activity and obesity can all play a very large role in increasing risk.

Consult your doctor or health care provider about simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle that will dramatically decrease your chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease.? Your health care provider can give you suggestions for ways to alter your diet and advice for an effective exercise program that is suitable for your age and current fitness level.

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