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Dealing with the Independent Senior

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Independence is a major factor in living our lives. Our culture treasures independence and self-reliance; we view relationships as partnerships, not subservience.? So when age and infirmities arrive, especially for seniors who have lived active lives, it is often hard to accept that they will need some assistance as they age.? This is an area where you can be a great help to your parent. Depending on their condition and the ability to care for themselves, it may be time to suggest ?assistance?.

Retirement or nursing homes are an option, but many families are now choosing to be Home Caregivers, having their parents live with or nearby to them, taking an active part in the care of their parent. Obviously, this creates challenges for both.???

Here are some issues to deal with when your parent moves in:

?Living space. Give them their space, and ensure the home is safe and secure for them. Eliminate obstacles like clutter, rugs and toys that they can trip over. Make the bathroom and bedroom ?senior friendly? so they don?t need assistance getting out of bed, the bath and toilet.? Don?t forget medical alert devices that they can call in an emergency.

?Get them involved. Make them part of the family, not just live-in borders. Give them the sense they are contributing and part of the family. Plan family activities that include your parents; events, games and watching TV with the family gives them a sense of belonging.

Get help. ??If Mom and Dad both work, and the kids are in school, do you have time and experience to care for your aging parent as well? ?A professional Home Nurse/Caregiver from Specialty Care Services can manage the care and needs of your loved ones, allowing you time for yourselves as well. ?

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