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Dealing with Dementia

Chances of developing and suffering from some form of dementia increase as you age, where less than ten percent of individuals around the age of sixty five display symptoms of some forms of dementia, it?s estimated that approximately half of all people over the age of eighty are affected.

There are quite a few different possible causes of dementia, some of which are treatable, but one of the most common causes, Alzheimer?s disease, is yet to have a cure or effective method of treatment.? This leaves thousands and thousands of Americans with loved ones to care for at home the difficult task of coping with the very special needs of a person suffering from dementia.

Providing full time attention for an elderly loved one can be difficult and stressful in just about any situation, but trying to provide care for someone with specialized needs, both the difficulty and stress are greatly magnified.

Specialty Care Services has a well staff that is well trained in providing care for patients with Alzheimer?s and a wide variety of other special needs disorders and diseases.? If providing care has begun to make you feel overwhelmed, it may be time to get some help.? Specialty Care Services offers options to suit the needs of any home, with all services offered on either an hourly or live in basis ? your loved ones can get the type care that they need whenever you need it.

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