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Cutting Back On Salt

Going over board with salt consumption can be dangerous ? especially for people over 50. In fact, many experts agree that excess sodium is a cause of heart disease and hypertension that results in 100,000 deaths each year. Continue reading to learn how salt may affect you and to determine whether or not you need to cut back.

America?s salt intake is on the rise

Even though medical experts have worked to get consumers and producers to use less salt in their food for over 40 years, many Americans eat twice as much salt as is recommended. While it?s good to break the habit of salting food at the table, the salt we add to our food only constitutes 10% of our salt intake. The rest comes from eating packaged and prepared foods.

Getting too much salt is particularly troublesome for salt sensitive people ? those 50 or older, African Americans, and people with high blood pressure. This extra salt causes the body to retain fluid, which prompts the heart to expend more energy, making blood pressure rise.? In turn, people who eat a high-salt diet are at greater rise for heart attack and stroke.

?Government involvement

To combat these health concerns, the FDA has urged food manufacturers to limit the salt content in their foods. And many have voluntarily opted to slowly decrease the amount of salt in their items. In addition, the government has reduced the national daily recommended salt intake from 2,300 to 1,500 mg to help fight the problem.

If you?re looking to cut back on salt, doctors suggest eliminating canned foods, fast food, and Asian cuisine that can be extremely high in salt and MSG.

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