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Curing Fatigue with Exercise

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It has been reported by the National Cancer Institute that nearly 96% of cancer patients suffer from chronic fatigue.? A recent study from Thomas Jefferson School of Nursing shows that light exercise may increase energy levels and ward of the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue.

Two groups of patients were followed in the study ? one that participated in a walking program and a control group that only followed the typical aftercare instructions.? The walking group reported less fatigue than the control group at the end of the study.? According to researchers the walkers were also reported less pain than the control group.

Walking has long been a favorite exercise for seniors. It is inexpensive, offers relief from symptoms of depression and it can improve poor sleeping habits. If you are providing in home assistance for a senior loved one going on walks together can give you both an added sense of well-being.

An experienced health aide can suggest safe and effective forms of exercise, assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation and take over medication management.? Having an experienced home health aide at your service can eliminate much of the stress associated with care giving without compromising the health of your senior loved one.

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