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Crazy Things That Are Good for You

Vibrating Exercise Platforms have long been regarded as scams, but some?people are finding out? that they can be useful.? The routine is that you stand on a vibrating platform for a few minutes and then jump off to do your exercise. The vibration is supposed to help you in the performance of the exercise. Research how shown that?it actually does, but no one understands why.

Vibration machines can help muscles heal faster and, in older people with osteoporosis, build bone density. What?s lacking is data on the optimum strength and length of the vibrations needed. Also, the machines are?not cheap ? at $2,000, the price tag alone might get you shaking.

Barefoot Running.? Many researchers are advocating abandoning the running shoe and running barefoot. They argue that the running shoe has changed how the human body runs, forcing the runner to land heel to toe; but the natural way of running is that your foot lands on?the ball and lateral ledge, spreading out the impact. That is how humans have run for thousand years, in a natural barefooted stride. Studies show that using shoes?sends a shock up your legs, but when running barefoot that shock is virtually non-existent.

Tongue Scraping. Unless you grew up in India where tongue scraping is a daily ritual, the concept of scraping your tongues with a small brush makes most of us gag. Literally! But there’s a payoff. Studies demonstrate that this is one of the most effective means for curing bad breath. Tongue scraping also reduces the chances of developing dental crisis, gum disease and even colds.

Perhaps a more?effective way of keeping yourself healthy as?you get older is to have periodic checkups with your doctor.? A Specialty Care Services home nursing professional can accompany patients to and from?appointments as needed.??


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