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Could Your Favorite Beverage Help Ward Off Alzheimer?s

Over the course of the last few years it?s been hard to have a discussion on health without green tea coming up at some point.? The tasty beverage, which has been used as a remedy in China for centuries, has been widely advertised for its potential to aid weight loss, improve immunity and lower cholesterol among other things.? Many health care providers and nutritionists are already advocating the addition of green tea to diets and some brand new information could make this wildly popular beverage even more widely used.

New research conducted at Newcastle University in the UK has shed light on another possible benefit of this super food.? Researchers found that the protective chemicals in green tea, polyphenols, have the ability to bind with toxins known to cause Alzheimer?s protecting cells from damage.? In an effort to get an accurate account of the polyphenols? power, the researchers studied the effects post digestion and still found very positive results.

This study certainly opens the door to the possibility of more comprehensive studies on the potential benefits.? If large clinical studies can replicate the results of the study conducted at Newcastle University, it?s likely that more health care providers will add green tea to their arsenal of natural remedies.

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