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Could Indoor Climate Control Contribute to Obesity

A new study, published in Obesity Reviews, reveals the possibility of a small connection between the temperature on your thermostat and your risk of obesity.? Researchers from University College in London suggest that, though diet and exercise are the primary factors in managing weight, other lifestyle factors can certainly contribute to obesity.

When our bodies are subjected to colder temperatures additional?calories are expended in order to keep warm.? Researchers who led this study suggest that staying in a consistently warm environment could minimize the need to expend energy for warmth which could be playing a role in the obesity epidemic.

Weight management experts are quick to point out that, though the information revealed in this study is interesting, there is more to losing weight than simply lowering the temperature in your home.? It will take a more intensive series of studies on this topic in order to determine what type of effects, if any, exposure to the cold could have on calorie expenditure and weight loss.

For now, the best approach to achieving a healthy body weight is following your health care provider?s advice for adopting a healthier diet and participation in a regular exercise program.? Your health care provider should be able to offer plenty of suggestions for easily implemented diet and lifestyle changes that will put you on the right track for losing excess weight safely and efficiently.


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