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Coping With Parkinson?s Disease

Parkinson?s disease has become quite?alarmingly widespread.?Right now, some 1 million Americans have this disorder. This is more than the joint number of patients affected by multiple sclerosis, muscle sickness and Lou Gehrig’s syndrome. Some 60,000 persons are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease annually. If you need professional care for family members with this sickness, Specialty Care Services can help. We have a dedicated team of nurses and caregivers who can provide for the home care needs of your loved ones.

Nervous System Disorder

Medical specialists describe this disease as a disorder of the nervous system?that affects an individual?s movements, speech and writing. Often, symptoms begin with slight quivers of the hand. Some persons experience stiffness and are not able to move quickly. Muscles become weak and the posture is also affected. Movement disorders?are classified as irregular movements of the body with neurological origins and include conditions like cerebral palsy and deficiency in voluntary coordination of muscle movement.

Males are at higher risk of acquiring Parkinson?s disease compared to females. Other than occasional shaking and sluggish movements, patients can also suffer from expressionless faces due to poor control over coordination of facial muscles.?As of now,?the actual cause has not been determined. There is no cure for this ailment, though surgery and medicines are capable of managing the disease.

Learning to Manage

Medical practitioners say that Parkinson?s disease is activated through a blend of genetic vulnerability and exposure to ecological factors including pollutants, distress and illnesses. Exact causes are not known, so?onset?cannot be prevented. This disorder evolves very slowly, but?it will sooner or later affect all facets of the patient?s life from the most ordinary routine to work and family concerns. The loss of independence will be very?difficult for the affected individual.

Familiarity with Parkinson?s disease can help patients deal with?its effects?and find out what is in store for them as the disease progresses. It is also necessary to keep in touch with medical practitioners to track the disease?s progress. It is not a fatal ailment, and normal life expectancy can be compared to that of person without this sickness. Nonetheless, there are possible complications like pneumonia and choking that can result?in death. If a member of the family has acquired Parkinson?s disease, professional services will be of great help. Call Specialty Care Services?for?a consultation today?to discuss?all your home healthcare needs.

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