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Controlling Cholesterol

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As we age our cholesterol levels tend to increase but there are ways you can control the cholesterol that your body manufactures. You can reduce your LDL cholesterol by improving your diet and getting enough physical exercise.? Avoiding foods that contain saturated and Trans fats can also be a big help in controlling cholesterol.

Unfortunately, there are some factors that are impossible to control when it comes to cholesterol. Things like heredity, age and sex can all be contributing factors to high cholesterol.

Seniors may be more apt to reduce their daily activities due to age related factors like arthritis and shortness of breath. A person caring for a senior citizen should consult with a senior care provider regarding the best options for keeping activity levels up in order to reduce the risk of high cholesterol.

A nurse from Specialty Care Services can conduct an in home visit to assess the activities of daily living that could be contributing to high cholesterol. One of our specially trained home health aides can make suggestions for adjustments to diet and activity levels that can be used to manage cholesterol and improve overall health. All diet and exercise changes must take the current state of the senior?s health into account and the added help of an expert can bring welcome reassurance to the senior in your care.

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