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Continuing Evaluation on the Cognitive Effects of Diabetes

The Archives of Neurology has published another study that looks at the effects that diabetes can have on cognitive function for older adults. The research looked at the scores on mental tests and compared the cognitive function of those who had diabetes mellitus with other subjects that did not.

The subjects were also given blood tests to determine if their glucose levels were being properly controlled. The test scores of individuals with poorly controlled glucose levels were looked at to determine if this fact alone may contribute to cognitive decline.

The subjects with poorly controlled glucose levels had poorer scores on only one of the tests used by researchers to judge cognitive function. The results did not deter the researchers though from saying that poor glucose management could contribute to cognitive decline as well.

Proper management of diabetes in older adults is important for many reasons. Researchers mentioned that the increased problems with blood pressure and other cardiovascular effects of diabetes may be partly responsible for the cognitive decline found.

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