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Commit to Change Your Lifestyle

Simply going for one long walk or eating a piece of fruit for dessert at a single meal won?t be enough to make any kind of change.? You need to fully commit to your new exercise routine and your new healthier diet in order to reap the benefits ? a healthier heart and body may start with a single step, but the journey to the goal of a healthier you is a long process requiring a complete lifestyle change.

It may sound like a lot of work, but the benefits of embarking on a comprehensive fitness program and a heart smart diet are well worth the work that you?ll put in.? A healthier heart, stronger muscles and stronger bones will keep you more mobile for longer, which will allow you to remain independent.? Seniors who are more active are much more likely to be able to stay in the comfort of their own home with regular visits from a home health aid as opposed to needing more regular or full time care in a facility.

Prior to starting your new exercise program and diet, be sure to get clearance form your doctor or home care nurse so you can be certain that you won?t be taking on too much activity for your current fitness level and that you won?t be consuming anything that might have an adverse effect on one of your medications.? Once you?ve got clearance on all fronts, its time to fully commit and start reaping the benefits of the healthier you.

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