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Colonoscopy Effectiveness tied to Preparation

A recent report in the journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy states that at least one pre-cancerous polyp may be missed in 1/3 of patients due to poor preparation the day before a colonoscopy. When preparing for a colonoscopy a patient is supposed to fast and then drink liquids prescribed to empty the bowel so polyps can be found.

Most doctors don?t want to create issues by continuing on with the full procedure when a patient isn?t properly prepared. Lack of preparation can force a doctor to work around the problem and to schedule a subsequent colonoscopy in order to make a full diagnosis. This could create a serious problem as doctors prescribe the necessary lifestyle changes based on their findings following this test. Those who have issues that go unidentified due to poor preparation could be wasting valuable treatment time while waiting for a second test.

This research is a warning for everyone to follow doctor?s orders to the letter when preparing for the test. Those providing in home assistance for a senior may be called upon to monitor the preparation of their family member or friend. A professional home health aide can be a valuable asset when it comes to properly preparing for a serious medical test and adhering to instructions for follow up care.

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