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Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us

It works this way every year ? Summer ends, Fall begins and the instances of colds and flus start to go up.? While you should always make a concerted effort to wash your hands after using the restroom, before and after handling food and after changing diapers or handling trash ? this is the time of year that it almost pays to be fanatical about keeping clean.

Recent onsite and phone surveys conducted by Harris Interactive for the American Society for Microbiology and the American Cleaning Institute revealed that though statistics are up when it comes to cleaning up after using the restroom, that they still aren?t where they need to be in order to prevent spreading of germs.? Overall statistics for properly washing up after necessary events were up nearly twenty percent from the paltry numbers that a similar survey revealed just four years ago. Which means that more people across America are getting the hint that it pays to fight germs by washing hands. But in order to prevent major outbreaks of colds and flus, those statistics need to be a lot closer to one hundred percent.

It?s not possible to entirely avoid every single instance where you could become infected with a virus. Taking the time and doing your part to properly clean up after you?ve used any restroom (public or private), after you?ve been around someone who?s been sick or after you?ve handled a heavily used public item like the handle of a supermarket shopping cart, can go a long way in protecting you from becoming sick this cold and flu season.

It?s also a good idea to consult your doctor or home nurse about getting a flu shot as early as possible and there are certainly other suggestions that you doctor or health aide can help you with in regards to staying as healthy as possible throughout the coming cold and flu season.

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