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Coffee Gets Another Good Grade for Senior Health

The American Heart Association has published a study that looks at the role coffee has in reducing heart failure.? For years has been we have been warned about the problems caffeine can cause to the circulatory system but this study seems to say that coffee drinkers had less incidence of heart failure.

Before you go grab a 24 ounce java there is a qualifier ? the study found that only moderate consumption (about two typical coffee shop cups) may protect against heart failure.? Researchers warn that over consumption could still contribute to health issues.

This is just the latest instance of coffee getting talked up as a health benefactor.? One recent study from the National Cancer Institute suggests that coffee may help people live longer and another claims that coffee may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Whether coffee has anything to do with it or not the senior population in the U.S. is climbing.? Our well trained home health aides can help seniors with any number of the activities of daily living.? Our aides are versed in grocery shopping assistance, medication management and simple companionship.? If you have a senior family member who needs some help visit our website to review all of the services we offer.

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