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Coffee and Senior Health

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A recent article in the Huffington Post has looked at the last few years of research on the possible health benefits of drinking coffee. The drink has been avoided by many health conscious seniors due to a high caffeine content but it appears as though it may have some benefits when consumed in moderation.

Despite concerns about the consumption of caffeine recent research has suggested that many health risks are reduced with regular coffee consumption.? One study found coffee causes a release of mood altering hormones in the brain and may prevent depression.? Another benefit seniors may enjoy from coffee is that the beverage can stimulate the brain to repair itself and remove plaque that causes Alzheimer?s disease.

A report published in the Journal of Alzheimer?s Disease says that coffee may lower chances for development of Parkinson?s disease by 25%.? Two separate Harvard University studies showed that male coffee drinkers were less likely to develop prostate cancer and that regular coffee consumption seemed to decrease the chances of skin cancer.

Caffeine still has possible negative effects so the health conscious senior should consult their physician prior to making any adjustments to their current diet.?? Enlisting the help of a home health aide can ensure that essential dietary instructions are closely followed.? A trained senior care provider can also assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation to help the senior in your care fully reap the benefits of a healthy diet without adding stress to your situation.

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