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Choosing Treatments Wisely

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Cortisone injections seem to be the treatment of choice these days for tendon injury, but a recent study reveals that there may be better options available.? Cortisone shots can provide almost immediate relief of the pain associated with tennis elbow and other common tendon ailments, but they don?t seem to have many benefits over the long term.

Information from more than forty previously published studies that included more than twenty five hundred patients were reviewed in order assess the true value of cortisone shots.? The researcher?s findings prove that cortisone shots tend to be ineffective for intermediate and long term treatment of tendon injuries.

There are a number of other non-steroid injections that appear to be promising for treating chronic tendon injuries, but most have not yet been tested enough to know the full extent of benefits yet.? Many health care providers also point out that beyond cortisone or non-steroid shots that exercise and physical therapy are very important parts of the recovery process.

There are often a number of different potential treatment options for different ailments.? Knowing which will best suit your personal situation is critical to your recovery and overall health.? You need to share every bit of information possible regarding your condition with your doctor or health care provider so that the best possible method of treatment for your problems is adopted.

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