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Caring for Alzheimer?s Patients Just Got Tougher

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As if providing in home care for an elderly loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer?s disease wasn?t tough enough, new research has potentially linked having Alzheimer?s with an increased chance of other serious conditions.

A recent research study of nearly 15,000 people with Alzheimer?s who were aged fifty and the same number of individuals who were fifty and over without Alzheimer?s revealed that those with Alzheimer?s were more than six percent more likely to suffer a seizure than those without the disease.? The results of the study are prompting further research on both Alzheimer?s sufferers and people who suffer from seizures to try and find a definable link, but the results are certainly something that caregivers need to be aware of and prepared to handle.

A completely separate study conducted by the Mental Health Research Institute in Parkville Australia revealed that Alzheimer?s sufferers are also more susceptible to anemia.? Alzheimer?s disease hadn?t been consider a risk factor for anemia (which can contribute to both coronary and renal problems) prior to the study of more than a thousand people, but the findings suggest that Alzheimer?s could be a disease of both the brain and the blood.

Providing care for an elderly loved one who suffers from Alzheimer?s can seem like a monumental task, but adding the increased chance of seizures and the possible link to anemia makes it even more daunting for someone who isn?t medically trained.? If you are caring for an elderly loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer?s, you don?t have to bear the burden entirely on your own.? Specialty Care Services offers plenty of in home care options to fit your specific needs and the nurses are trained in Alzheimer?s? care (and other special needs care) so you can feel confident that your loved will get the best possible treatment regardless of the situation.? Don?t cause yourself undue amounts of stress because you don?t feel that you can provide adequate care, get the help that you need so that you and your elderly loved one can both feel as comfortable as possible.

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