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Caregiver Differences may be Related to Gender

A new study shows that husbands who have been a caregiver for a number of years may not be as badly affected as wives in the same position. The study followed 745 pairs of spouses and found that wives were more prone to say they were depressed both before and after their spouse had passed away.

Both genders reported needing help with activities of daily living three years after their spouses passing but the percentage of women that needed help was greater. Both sexes reported better health a year after the death of a spouse. Researchers thought this improvement in health was related to the respite from caregiving duties but three years later the female subjects reported poorer health than the male.

Some of the statistics may be due to the fact that men and women usually behave this way in general. On average men tend to report less depression and physical problems than women but the researchers believe that providing full time care could take a greater toll on women.

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