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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Predict Future Cardiovascular Events

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The National Institute of Health has funded a project that pooled research data from 18 studies that all focused on the traditional risk factors of Cardiovascular Disease. The list of risk factors includes diabetes, smoking , high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The study found that the people with two or more of these risk factors had a much greater incidence of having a cardiovascular event than those who had only one or none of the risk factors.

The study found that a 45 year old man with two risk factors stood to have almost a 50% chance of having an event before the age of eighty versus a 1.4% chance for a man with no risk factors. Many details like this were mentioned in the study and the overwhelming differences contribute greatly to the notion that these risk factors need to be controlled to prevent cardiovascular events. A senior that has been dealing with the threat of cardiovascular disease for some time needs to be sure they have not gotten lax in their preventive efforts.

A home health aide can be helpful in medicine management for anyone with diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Keeping these conditions under control can go a long way in minimizing the chances of a cardiovascular event. Senior care providers can also suggest an exercise program to reduce blood pressure levels and increase the health necessary to fend off the threat of heart disease.

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