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Cancer Survivors over Age Sixty-Five is on the Rise

A report in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention?s October issue predicts that the number of cancer survivors over the age of 65 may be close to doubling in the next ten years. Predictions can be affected by a number of unseen future factors but the evidence from past years seems to support their idea.

The report goes on to say however that the number of caregivers for these survivors is on the decline. The number of oncologists and geriatric specialists has been falling and there is a warning that there will be fewer experts available to a much larger population. It is another case of the aging of the baby boomer generation putting pressure on available care for these individuals.

Statistics have revealed in the past that due to a larger population of older people, more and more family members are coming in to offer assistance to their loved ones. The future may look brighter as we have more cancer survivors, but professional care will still be needed.

Specialty Care Services have been providing home health assistance to this population for years. There are programs available that can aid the caregiver in their efforts to help family and friends that are home bound by health considerations. A professional from Specialty Care Services can come out and evaluate the care being offered and make suggestions on improving current care.

Home health aides can come in and give your family member more professional style services, such as medication administration and meal preparation. That can offer you the chance to do some things on your own and be more relaxed when taking over your loved one?s care for the rest of the day.

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