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Calorie Restricted Diets Could Be Beneficial for Diabetes Sufferers

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often suggest a reduced calorie diet in order for patients to manage weight and prevent the onset of obesity related conditions like type 2 diabetes. A recent study performed by researchers at Newcastle University in England shows that weight loss through calorie restriction is beneficial for those already suffering from diabetes as well.

Participants in the study followed an extremely calorie restricted diet consisting primarily of meal replacement drinks and non starchy vegetables totaling about 600 calories per day. Researchers noted that the calorie restricted diet helped to lower fat levels in the liver and pancreas to normal levels and helped the participants? bodies to produce insulin normally. After one week on the diet the participants experienced normal fasting blood sugar levels and by the eight weeks the participants? bodies were producing insulin at a normal rate.

The researchers feel as though health care providers could prescribe a more traditional calorie restricted diet and see powerful results as well. The 600 calorie diet was used as a test hypothesis in an effort to prove that weight loss through calorie restriction was a viable treatment option for those who suffer from diabetes. The researchers who performed the study feel confident that anyone suffering from diabetes that loses a substantial amount of excess weight will see positive results.

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