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Bypass Surgery Over Angioplasty for Long Term Survival

New research indicates that those who opt for bypass surgery instead of angioplasty have longer survival rates. Researchers studied many sub groups, containing over 190,000 patients, and the data collected showed that bypass surgery was superior in overall survival rates across the board.

Lead researcher Dr. William Weintraub does not believe that bypass surgery is the only viable option for every patient but the results seem to allow for more confidence in the recommendation.? Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the United States so it is safe to assume that this certainly won?t be the last study conducted to find the best courses of treatment.

A senior who has survived a heart attack has many needs to be addressed. Following a heart attack or diagnosis of heart disease doctors will likely prescribe alterations to the diet, new medications and increases in activity levels to improve the patient?s health.

Enlisting the help of a professional home health aide can help ease much of the burden in this situation.? A trained senior care provider can assist in medication management, meal preparation and can suggest a safe and effective exercise routine to improve the health of a patient with cardiovascular problems.

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