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Brain Size Can be Affected by Your Diet

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A recent study conducted at the University Of Pittsburg School Of Medicine found that consuming fish once a week may contribute to the manufacturing of brain cells.? The 250 participants were asked about their diet, including consumption of fish, and were given preliminary brain scans at the outset of the study.

These original scans were compared to new brain scans about seven years later.? The subjects who reported that they consumed fish regularly had a greater number of brain cells than the respondents who did not. The study also revealed a 47% incidence of cognitive issues in non-fish eating group compared to only a 3 % incidence of cognitive impairment the group that ate fish at least once per week.

Though more research on the topic is needed the numbers seem to indicate that consumption of fish could aid in preventing or controlling cognitive impairment. People offering in home assistance to seniors can discuss the benefits of a diet containing more fish with a professional from Specialty Care Services.

One of our experienced senior care providers can help coordinate a well-planned healthy diet for the senior in your care to help ensure optimal health. Our services can include grocery shopping assistance and food preparation to make easing into a new routine less stressful on the senior and any relatives who are providing care.

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