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Brain Drains

As we grow older we must be concerned not only about physical fitness but mental??fitness as well.??Keeping the brain active can help slow or even prevent the risk of dementia and Alzheimer?s.? Here are some? suggestions to help exercise your brain and keep it active and healthy.

Brain Games. Brain teasers help exercise your brain. There are games specifically designed to keep your brain active and? keep your?memory sharp.?With practice, the brain gets ?younger? as reactions?improve accuracy. There are online games you can play like Sudoku and crossword puzzles?that help.

Be Sociable. Social activity improves?your brain?s health. Human interaction keeps your mind healthy and it also helps you to?avoid the?depression and loneliness that many older people suffer with?when they?re not interacting?with others on a regular basis.? Friendly chats and even discussions about politics,?religion and current events helps keep you mentally ?on your toes?.? Joining a club and sharing hobbies ?and interests will keep you mentally active.?Us?the Internet to keep in touch with loved ones and to make new friends as well.

Physical Exercise. Mental stimulation?isn?t the only type of exercise?that?your brain needs. Physical exercise is?also?required for optimal? brain function — What you do to your body affects your brain.? Remaining physically fit and consuming a healthy?diet is also necessary to?keep the brain healthy. Exercise boosts circulation and gets the blood pumping to your brain.??The blood?is what provides oxygen to the brain.??The brain needs oxygen just as much as?the lungs, heart?or any other organs. You need cardiovascular exercise?and resistance training to?keep your mind and?body fit. ?A Specialty Care Services?home care nursing professional?can assist patients with?performing exercises to keep both their?mind and body healthy and active.

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