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Bone Density and the Onset of Osteoporosis

A new study conducted by Dr. Margaret Gourlay of The University of North Carolina has reviewed the records of women aged 67 and older who have had bone density tests conducted over a 15 year period. The women were ranked by their original density tests and whether their results were normal or whether they showed signs of mild, moderate, or advanced osteopenia. Osteopenia is low mineral bone density that isn?t severe enough to be labeled osteoporosis.

The report concluded that women in the first two categories could probably wait for up to 15 years before getting another bone density test. The normal group showed a 1% incidence of osteoporosis developing and the moderate group showed only a 5% rate. Ten percent of the third group developed osteoporosis within a five year period and ten percent of those with advanced osteopenia had osteoporosis within a year.

Osteoporosis is a disease that cannot be taken lightly. It can cause serious problems, especially for seniors who live alone. The bone that can break easily after a fall is a great fear of those who are giving in home assistance to seniors. Visits by home health aides can be arranged by a caregiver on a daily basis to alleviate some of this worry. Professional health care providers can also offer advice on exercise and dietary adjustments to help prevent the onset of this disease that affects many seniors.

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