What to Do when a Heat Wave Strikes

Hot weather is often a major issue for people. Everyone is bothered greatly once the temperature soars.  A heat wave can be worse. It does not only cause discomfort but also leads to a large number of sicknesses and deaths [...]

What Happens to Your Bones as You Age?

As people age, your bones are likely to contract in size and thickness. They also get brittle and are prone to fracture. Some bones also tend to become shorter. Muscles usually lose strength and flexibility. [...]

Things You Didn’t Know About Food

1. Waste.  It may be a surprise to learn that hunger and starvation around the world is not due to a lack of food. The world produces enough food to feed every person on earth. [...]

What to Eat When You’re Depressed

Did mom have it right?  Will eating something that you really enjoy make you feel better! Many people who feel depressed find comfort in food. The problem is, the choices tend to be “junk food” – chips, [...]

Is “Old Age” Going Out of Date?

Researchers have recently discovered what they call “Father Time genes”, genes that decide how fast we age. This discovery could lead to anti-aging drugs that may slow, or even stop, the aging process by isolating [...]

How to Minimize “Senior Moments”

Don’t remember where you left your keys? Memory lapses are often common as we age, but as long as these lapses aren’t disrupting your life, there’s no need to worry.  Stress, depression, vitamin deficiency, insufficient sleep, [...]

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