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Senior Health

Diagnosing Diabetes

While the symptoms of type 1 diabetes usually come on quickly, other types of diabetes tend to develop more gradually, making it easy to miss in the early stages. The best approach for everyone, especially [...]

Understanding Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes actually falls into two distinct types – not including gestational diabetes, which another separate condition - which are in fact two completely different diseases and require completely separate approaches to treatment. Type 1 Diabetes [...]

Treatments for Depression

Depression is a treatable condition. There are a number of medications approved for easing depression, and psychotherapy is also effective for many people. In some cases, a doctor will suggest a combination of these treatments [...]

Common Facts and Fictions About Depression

Depression is probably far more common than you realize – and there are a number of myths that interfere with understanding this condition. Here are the some of the most important facts to dispel any [...]

Types of Depression

The two most commonly occurring forms of depression are major depression and persistent depressive disorder. Other types of depression may develop under specific circumstances, such as SAD and postpartum depression. In some cases, depression may [...]

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