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Common Facts and Fictions About Depression

Depression is probably far more common than you realize – and there are a number of myths that interfere with understanding this condition. Here are the some of the most important facts to dispel any [...]

Types of Depression

The two most commonly occurring forms of depression are major depression and persistent depressive disorder. Other types of depression may develop under specific circumstances, such as SAD and postpartum depression. In some cases, depression may [...]

Understanding & Diagnosing Depression

Clinical depression is a mental health disorder characterized by having a persistently unhappy mood and/or a loss of interest in normal activities which causes a significant impairment to a person’s daily life. Depression causes a [...]

Common Facts and Fictions About Dementia

Approximately 47 million people worldwide suffer from some type of Dementia today, and every three seconds a new case is diagnosed. Approximately five percent of all people aged 65 to 74 suffer from dementia, and [...]

Understanding & Diagnosing Dementia

Dementia can be confusing, because it is not one single specific disease, but rather a group of symptoms that can affect memory, thinking skills, and social abilities seriously enough that it interferes with the ability [...]

Common Symptoms of Dementia

While there are many types of dementia and each person’s symptoms may vary, there are some common signs to be aware of. Many types of dementia are progressive, which means that the symptoms may start [...]

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