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Beware of Health Scams

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You?ve seen the ads: ?Arthritis ?Disappears Like Magic!? or ?My ?cancer cured in one week.?

If it?s advertised as a ?miracle drug?, the only ?miracle? is if it doesn?t kill you rather than cure you.

Here are some common health scams:

  • Anti-aging medications. Aging is normal.. No treatment can reverse aging. Healthy diet, regular exercise, and not smoking prevent some diseases, and making healthy choices gives you the best chance of living and aging well,
  • Arthritis remedies. Scam arthritis remedies are easy to fake because Arthritis normally comes and goes. Then ?remedies? have no real a effect on the symptoms. Ignore the magnets, copper bracelets, chemicals, special diets; there is no real cure for most arthritis symptoms. Rest, exercise, heat, and certain prescribed drugs can help; but it won?t cure.
  • Cancer cures. Scam artists profit from the natural fear of cancer. ??Low Protein Diets? and drugs like laetrile have little effect. More importantly, using unproven scams, cancer victims not only lose money, but time! Delaying proven treatment can be fatal.
  • Memory aids. So-called ?smart pills? and ?brain retraining exercises? are, at best, untested, at worse, a waste of time and money.
  • Dietary supplements. Most dietary supplements do not undergo government testing. Claims that supplements will shrink tumors, solve impotence, or cure Alzheimer?s disease should be a warning. Talk to your doctor first.
  • ?Health insurance scams target people who cannot afford or do not qualify for regular health insurance. These scams offer coverage that promises more than it delivers. Reputable insurance companies and agents are licensed. Check first before buying.

Professional Home Nurses and Caregivers can protect their patients from such scams, and ensure that the medicine used is prescribed from their doctor or pharmacist.

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