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Benefits of yoga for seniors

Most people think of yoga as a way to relax. But it can also minimize hypertension and even help to strengthen bones, great benefits for seniors! Continue reading to learn just how yoga can help as you age.

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Yoga in your 50s and 60s

As you age, your joints become less fluid. But yoga helps lubricate your joints, protecting them from disorders like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.? Preserving joint mobility is crucial to maintaining your independence, as everyday activities like combing your hair and brushing your teeth require joint health.

Yoga is also credited with helping to increase balance and build strength ? two things that can help prevent falls in seniors. Since seniors are injured by falls more than any other cause, it?s important to protect yourself against falls so you can keep moving well as you age.

To start, try the cobbler?s pose. Sit on the ground with your back straight and your legs spread in front of you. Then bend your knees, bringing the soles of you feet together while pressing your thighs toward the floor with your elbows.

Yoga at 70 and above

With time, mental clarity can begin to decline. But yoga forces you to pay attention to your breathing and coordinate your breath with motion — helping keep the mind clear and active. Plus, yoga promotes a sense of wellbeing, elevates mood, and helps calm your nerves.

To try a pose for yourself, stand with your feet about a foot from a wall, with your back lightly resting on it. Bring your arms up over your head, palms facing ?inward, while you bend your knees and squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Hold that position for five deep breaths before standing.

To feel great as you age, give yoga a try. And for quality in-home care, just call Specialty Care Services!

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