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Benefits Of Yoga Exercises

Many of us are fully aware that regular exercise provides a wide range of health benefits, but many seniors and middle-aged people often feel that the traditional exercises (such as sports, going to the gym, or jogging) are too strenuous, time-consuming,? and impractical because of chronic health conditions.

Yoga is an ideal choice for older adults because it affects the whole person: body, intellect, emotions, and spirit. Yoga increases vital energy while strengthening and relaxing, the body, focusing the mind, and nurturing the spirit.

Increased flexibility improves function and mobility and can help protect you from the worst outcomes of a fall. Other benefits include: improved circulation, heart health, and respiratory function; increasing vitality; and a sense of well being.

Studies show that when people retire, they often acquire find a different sense of time, place and values. Adding a spiritual dimension to?your exercise activities offers additional wellness benefits. Taking ?nature walks? with family and friends becomes not only an ?exercise,? but a spiritual enhancement to your yoga therapy.

Healing is both a physical and a spiritual challenge, requiring not only physical therapy, but also the spiritual and emotional healing of the patient. Through meditation and physical exercises, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Your body becomes more flexible as yoga brings a wider range of motion to taut areas. Flexibility improves in your back, shoulders, hamstrings and hips. In short, yoga improves conditioning so that immobility and soreness are reduced considerably. You gain more strength by learning to hold yoga positions, like balancing on a single leg and supporting the body with your arms, that allow you to support your body?s weight.

Better breathing is another benefit. People inhale slowly but do not pay attention to the manner of breathing. In yoga, the breathing exercise concentrates on deeper breathing, which is healthy to the whole body. In fact, specific types of breathing can help clear congestion of nasal passageways and soothe the central nervous system.

The meditation and deep inhalation enables you to get rid of anxiety. It removes clutter from your mind so you can be more focused on important things. For beginners, yoga starts with fundamental postures based on your own pace. The good news is that

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