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Being Bilingual may Improve Brain Function

Recent research has caused many medical professionals to alter their views of how being bilingual can effect brain function. Previous ideas suggested that the thought patterns of the bilingual could be hindered by thinking in two languages at the same time. Some believed that this could cause interference and potentially hinder learning.

Now it is seen that learning to handle this interference has been a benefit to those who have grown older and maintained their bilingual ability. In reviewing results from a number of studies it seems that bilingual individuals?are better at planning, solving problems and staying focused.

Even seven month old babies that were being raised in a bilingual environment in Italy showed more adaptability in tests than those who were only exposed to one language. Researchers in California have also found that the onset of dementia can be slowed by bilingual ability. With these two examples it certainly appears that people of all ages can benefit from challenging their mind by learning a new language.

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