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Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication for Seniors is Updated

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The American Geriatrics Society has published the Beers updated review of medications that can be potentially dangerous to older patients.? According to the report potentially inappropriate medications are still being prescribed to seniors at an alarming rate.? This critical report has identified 53 different medicines or classes of medicines that can have adverse effects when given to seniors.

The American Geriatrics Society has placed the 53 potentially dangerous medicines into three categories.? The first category consists of potentially inappropriate medications that should be avoid in older adults.? The second category contains potentially inappropriate medications to avoid in older adults with certain conditions or syndromes that the drugs could exacerbate.? The third category consists of medications that should be used with caution in older adults. This breakdown is a welcome guideline for seniors and senior care providers as statistics show the average 65 year old person takes at least five medications a day.

The senior care experts at Specialty Care Services can meet with a senior and family members who are providing care to conduct a review of the senior?s current medication regimen. An experienced health aide can provide expert assistance with the task of medication management which can help to dramatically reduce the chances of an unfavorable reaction.

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