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Beating Stress with Exercise and Assistance

As you and your loved ones age, there comes a point and time where you may become responsible for providing care for a parent, a spouse or a good friend.? Depending upon the loved ones condition, providing care can be a very difficult and very stressful task.

The negative effects that stress can have on the body and on the mind are pretty well advertised, but until recently there wasn?t a whole lot of advice for coping with it ? just instructions to avoid it.? Researchers may have found a way to diminish the possible negative effects of stress when you have no way of avoiding it.

A recent study published in the May 26th issue of ?PloS One? revealed that short bouts of vigorous exercise may be the key to beating the evils associated with stress.? The small group study examined two groups of highly stressed individuals who were separated into an active and an inactive group.? The active group who participated in the prescribed short burst of physical activity showed physical signs of being able to handle the stress without showing the same signs of damage as the inactive group.

Exercise has plenty of positive attributes ? it keeps your weight in check, it makes you less susceptible to many diseases, it brightens your mood and now it also seems that it helps your body to safely cope with stress.? If you provide care for an aging loved one and you feel that, despite your best efforts, you can?t provide the level of care that they need you can also get help from a service that provides in home care.?? Specialty Care Services has trained staff that can handle all varieties of care, even for those with special needs, and all services can be designed to accommodate your schedule.? With the right?in home care provider and the right amount of vigorous exercise you can give your aging loved one all of the care that they need without putting your own health at risk.

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