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Be Careful With Your Medications

It?s no secret that the wonders of medical science, and particularly the advancements with some prescription and over the counter medications, have made for drastic life improvements for some people.? There are medications that lower blood pressure, medications that lower cholesterol and medications that can prevent or stop infection.? If it weren?t for prescription medicine many people would be suffering in one way or another constantly, if they were lucky enough to be alive at all.

Even many of the herbal supplements and medications available over the counter from pharmacies and super markets can do wonders for relieving pain, subduing allergies, alleviating digestion problems and can help with a number of other ailments as well.? The potential problem lies with mixing too many different medications prior to consulting with your doctor, pharmacist or home health care provider.

Some people know about the possible risks of mixing multiple prescription drugs, but few know just how dangerous it can be to mix prescription drugs with over the counter medications or even herbal supplements.? The more medications you are taking, the greater the chance of an adverse reaction.? The fact that many seniors are on multiple medications makes the chances very good that something bad could happen if all health care personnel aren?t on board with every pill that?s being swallowed.

The best way to stay safe with your medications is to fill everyone in on exactly what you are taking.? Make sure that your primary physician and your home health care provider know all of our medications and supplements and prior introducing anything new into the mix, check with both of them and your pharmacist to ensure that there will be no risk in doing so.

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