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Back Pain Sufferers Still Suffering

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Glucosamine, the readily available and inexpensive treatment used by many for joint pain, may not have quite the effects on lower back pain that doctors and patients had hoped.

A recent and very thorough study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that the effects of Glucosamine were really no better than that of a placebo for easing or preventing chronic lower back pain.? This is bad news for millions of lower back pain sufferers and patients with degenerative lumbar osteoarthritis who were looking for an affordable way to manage their pain.

Based on the findings of the intensive study, researchers are suggesting that doctors not recommend glucosamine as a method of treatment for degenerative lumbar osteoarthritis.? This means, that for the time being the millions of Americans who suffer from lower back pain will either have to resort to more costly treatments, treatments with the greater possibility of negative side effects or continue suffering while research continues.

Prior to taking any medication, even over the counter or herbal remedies, you should discuss it with your primary physician and home health aide to determine if it will be effective for treating your problem or if there is a potential danger of mixing it with your current prescription medications.? Mixing medications can be very dangerous or potentially deadly, so you never want to arbitrarily begin a new course of home treatment for a condition without first discussing it with all of your health care providers.

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