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Aspirin May Be an Anti-Cancer Agent

There have been some studies in the past that have indicated regular aspirin use can prevent certain cancers. A new study published on line by the journal Cancer of the American Cancer Society found a possible link between aspirin use and the prevention of skin cancer. Other painkillers such as ibuprofen and Naproxen also have been cited as having this effect.

A visit to the American Cancer website shows a number of papers released in the last few years linking aspirin in helping reduce breast cancer recurrence and Colorectal cancer.? The new study from Denmark indicates that three major forms of skin cancer may be prevented in over 13% of people who have taken these painkillers for extended periods.

Many seniors are already taking low doses of aspirin for another of its benefits – the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Since seniors are more likely to get skin cancers and heart disease it is a good idea for older Americans to ask their doctor about including aspirin in their regimen.

The professionals at Specialty Care Services are well aware of how important the use of aspirin can be to a senior.? Our home health aides can be there to help with medication management to minimize the possibility of negative interactions and ensure that all medicines produce the desired results.

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