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Aspirin Looked at as a Cancer Preventative

The daily aspirin many seniors take for cardiovascular benefits may have highly beneficial health perk. The American Cancer Society has recently discussed three studies that show daily aspirin may also have a positive effect in preventing cancer development.

In the first of the three trials noted by the American Cancer Society people who took a daily dose of aspirin were found to have a 25% less incidence of cancer than those who did not. The other two studies found significantly less spreading of many kinds of cancers for those on a daily aspirin regimen.

These studies are not the first to describe possible benefits of aspirin relating to cancer. A 2010 study showed that taking anticoagulants like aspirin can significantly reduce fatality from prostate cancer if combined with radiation and surgery.

Despite this very positive news regarding the benefits of aspirin the senior population still must be aware of the potential harm that taking aspirin daily could pose. An experienced, professional home health aide can be a strong ally when it comes to the task of medicine management.? A home health aide can accompany a senior on doctor appointments and discuss the risks and benefits of all medications to minimize the chances of unfavorable reactions.

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