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Arthritis and Obesity

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Though it isn?t completely clear whether arthritis is a contributing factor to obesity or obesity a contributing factor to arthritis one thing is for certain, the two conditions are linked.? A recent research study published in the CDC?s Morbidity and Mortality Report shows that Americans suffering from arthritis are fifty four percent more likely to be obese than those without arthritis.

Researchers say that the cause and effect of the obesity and arthritis connection could easily go both ways.Patients suffering from arthritis may have pain or find it more difficult to move and cut back their activity level which could cause weight gain.? For those that have arthritis, carrying around the extra weight can make the condition much worse which can make it more difficult to focus on exercise.

The good new for those that are obese and suffering from arthritis is that dropping some of the excess weight can make a big difference.? Consult your health care provider for some low impact exercise suggestions that will help you to burn calories without putting any undue stress on your joints which could cause pain.? Your health care provider should also be able to suggest some diet strategies that would be easy to implement and help to maximize your weight loss efforts.

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