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Are You a “Difficult Patient”?

Everyone has heard complaints about the medical profession, but doctors also have complaints about their patients. Here’s a list of doctor?s complaints to keep in mind next time you?visit?your doctor.

1. You don’t arrive on time

Everyone has had?the experience of arriving for your 4:00 appointment and then having to?wait for another twenty minutes or so. It?s not always the Doctor?s fault. Quite often the problem? is that someone before you didn’t arrive on time and?disrupted?the schedule.

If you?arrive late for an appointment, don?t expect the doctor to be particularly?pleased with you.? If you’re running?late, call ahead to reschedule.?? Don?t?waste someone elses?time because of your?tardiness.? Be on time!

2. You’re not taking your medicine

Doctors become irritated when patients don’t take their medication as prescribed, or don?t follow the directions. Noncompliancy?wastes time and?money and? can also?lead to complications. If you have?concerns about?your medication, discuss it with the doctor.? Never ignore your doctor’s instruction and always feel free to ask questions or express any concerns.?

4. You diagnose your own problem and tell the doctor how to treat it

Remember: You?re not the doctor!? Doctors don?t?want your advice, they just?want to know?your symptoms, so that they can make a proper?diagnosis.? Ask your doctor for medical advice, but don’t?wait for?him/her to ask for?yours.

5. You wait to until the end of the appointment to?ask questions

The average time alloted?for a doctor’s visit is often less than 20 minutes. If you have questions about your treatment or medication, ask? them at the?beginning of the examination.?? Come to your appointment prepared with?a list of? questions about symptoms, medication, and the overall treatment plan.? A Specialty Care Services home care nursing professional can?assist?you in your preparation.? This will ensure that you?get the most out of your?next docotor’s appointment.??

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